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The UnAmerican American

[Disclaimer: I know that during these times, if you are not "with them"--them being Bush and his ranks of morons--then you are "with the terrorists". That's extreme black-and-white bullshit. I represent just part of the gray area. I think my government is run by morons. I blame them and other narrow-minded US elitists for the terrorism. YES, I DO! DO YOU HEAR ME, DUBYA?! I am by no means on the side of terrorists; they piss me off and frighten me as much as the next person. I am *happy* to be American for my ability to bitch and moan like this, but I am rarely--if ever--*proud* to be an American.]

It's coming. I both dread it and welcome it.
July the Fourth, 2002

I've never been terribly patriotic. The United States is one of the lesser of many evils in this world, but is not even remotely as great as politicians and dumb patriots would like you to think that it is. There's a lot of corruption and really stupid shit that goes on in this country. And anyone who was genuinely BEWILDERED by September 11 needs a good bitchslap. September 11 happened because this country as a whole is perceived as arrogant and domineering. We stick our noses in everybody's business, from Vietnam to the Balkans. We are self-centered, generally condescending bastards who think that if you don't do it our way, then you need fixing!

Did you know that Bush is "planning a Palestinian state"? Who the FUCK gave Baptist Boy the right to map out and followthrough with a plan for another country/culture/religion's plane of existence? That is going to piss off so many people, it's unbelievable. Granted, the war in Israel/Palestine is not a fun thing to witness. I am sympathetic to both sides and am not sure at this point who has more right to be upset than the other. Planning a Palestinian state basically implies that we take the side of/are afraid of/are allied with the Israelis. Who does that further encite? The exact same people with whom we already have a great deal of trouble. WHY IS NEUTRALITY NEVER A FUCKING OPTION?! YES, it SUCKS that these two groups of people are bombing and maiming the shit out of each other. Is that any of our fucking business? HELL NO. Did we make it our business anyway? Yes, of course we did. We followed in our grand nosy tradition that is currently biting us in the ass. We do not learn.

On Thursday, this country will celebrate its main national holiday. The first since our "freedom" was attacked. (It was actually our arrogance that was attacked, but eh.) Many people suspect that we shall again be targeted on that very day. It makes sense, if you think about it. And on that day, millions of people will flock to parties and festivals and will be out on the public streets of dense urban areas just begging to be wiped out. I think that there are people who are counting on this fact. I think that if they are clever enough, they can and will use it to their advantage. I think that Independence Day could go down in history as another day of Pure Sweet Hell (expression borrowed from Col) if this nation chooses to ignore the people that we continue to piss off.

I plan to be inebriated beyond rational thought to alleviate my fear. But I won't be in uptown Charlotte for SkyFest. I won't be at Stowe Gardens. I won't be at a huge public gathering of any sort. And I won't be celebrating my freedom, I will be cursing it for the people who abuse it and create the people that hate us and the fear that surrounds them. Sad? Perhaps. To further kill an overused quote, I am one of the ones who believes that fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity. It's totally fruitless and tends to simply promote what, ladies and gentlemen? That's RIGHT. MORE FUCKING VIOLENCE.

There are those of you who will say to me "If you don't like it here, then leave". Oh, I will. I have planned to for a long time. As soon as I have the means, I promise I will be out of your proud American hair. To fight for the Taliban/Al Qaeda forces, you ask? Hell no. To simply live a life with less fear of them, since I have nothing to do and claim to have nothing to do with the reasons that they seek us out for destruction.

Happy fucking Independence Day.

The Rational Liberal Bitch.
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